class DaliugeApplication

Daliuge application class.

This class encapsulates the functions required of a daliuge application as specified in dlg_app.h then exposes them as C functions

Subclassed by askap::CalcNE, askap::GenerateGridData, askap::GridInvert, askap::GridPredict, askap::Ingest, askap::InitSpectralCube, askap::JacalBPCalibrator, askap::LoadNE, askap::LoadParset, askap::LoadVis, askap::MajorCycle, askap::NESpectralCube, askap::OutputParams, askap::ReduceNE, askap::RestoreSolver, askap::SolveNE, askap::SpectralCube

class DaliugeApplicationFactory

Factory class that registers and manages the different possible instances of of a DaliugeApplication. .

Contains a list of all applications and creates/instantiates the correct one based upon the “name” of the Daliuge DynLib drop. Maintains a registry of possible applications and selects - based upon a name which one will be instantiated.

class NEUtils

set of static utility functions for the NE manipulation

These are just a set of static functions I use more than once